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Local chefs, local produce

The passion of our chef Gøran Bring is local produce. For him, the most important aspect of cooking is the pure flavours the ingredients offer, which is especially crucial for local trout, lamb, reindeer, moose, cured meat, etc.

Gøran has a 22-yearlong experience as a chef in the hotel and restaurant industry. He has been employed at Danebu Kongsgaard since the summer of 2016, where he has developed the menu in his vision.

On his team, he has Mette Henriksen who has worked as a chef since 2001. Mette has a thorough knowledge of diets and food allergies.
Additionally, the youngest team member, Mats Bråten, has been an apprentice at Danebu the past two years and has now passed his examination as a chef.

Everything that is delivered from our kitchen must be on nature’s premises. If the raw materials are not available in the local area, we always emphasise organic, national producers. We are so fortunate that we have many local providers who deliver excellent raw materials to us all year round. During your stay with us, you will be able to taste several of their products.

Valdres – the Kingdom of Senses


I sense – see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The sixth sense tickles and spices up the existence. The inner and outer experiences sharpen my senses. I am alive. 
The dragon is Draken er strong and powerful. The dragon appeal to the sixth sense – the imagination. He is mysterious, exciting and maybe a bit scary. Valdres has heartedness, which you will find in our food.
To make it easier to choose a dish based on local produce, we have marked these in the menu with the dragon, which is a part of the visual identity for Valdres, the kingdom of senses.

Protected designations is a public labelling system that secures that Norwegian food treasures gain the protection and acknowledgement they deserve.

Both ”kurv” from Valdres and ”Rakfisk” from Valdres are marked with geographical designation just like Gorgonzola from Piemonte and Lombardiet, or Prosciutto di Parma.


About local food at Danebu

Kurv from Valdres

Kurv from Valdres is an ”unsmoked” cured sausage made in accordance with old traditions in Valdres. This type of sausage was created to preserve meat and tripe that was not otherwise exploited after the autumn butchery on the farms. The term “kurv” (translation: “basket”) has for a long time been used in Valdres for all types of cured sausages. Kurv from Valdres includes the three main types of cattle, flocks or game.

Rakfisk from Valdres

Tradition, culture and experience are the words that best describe Rakfisk from Valdres. Valdres is today the primary area for the production of rakfisk in Norway, and the production can be traced back to the 17th century. Rakfisk is a Norwegian fish dish made from trout which is salted and fermented for two to three months or even up to a year, then eaten without cooking. In other words, it is an old conservation method. The trout are hatched, farmed, butchered and processed by six different producers in Valdres. It is produced only from the best raw fish material and is placed in the bucket and salted latest two hours after the slaying. Rakfisk from Valdres is sold in three variants: mild, stored and well-stored. The variants are determined from maturity.

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